TURNING POINT: Your Desire to Change must be Greater than your Desire to stay the same..

You just have to keep wanting it more than you don’t and to be honest, sometimes finding both the motivation and the energy can be a chore in itself. Sometimes we wait until we are hitting rock bottom before we make the needed changes our lives are screaming out for. Other times our moods can feel a little out of sync and we all have those days, weeks and months even when we feel unsure of the best ways forward. I’m sure this happens on every level, whenever you’re in the sea of change. All that could be required is just to tread water until it feels calmer and your approach picks up momentum with more clarity and energy. Maybe it’s a pep talk you need to give yourself, re-read one of your inspirational books or even thinking about the feeling you’d get after doing something. However you get your mojo back, whatever helps to keep putting one foot in front of the other and finding your flow, keep it as your go to antidote in times of need.

A fresh sense of purpose

Have you ever been so tired, energy and motivation at a low and somehow you push yourself even drag yourself with an internal kicking and screaming and do it any way.. The enormous sense of achievement, satisfaction and victorious feelings are just second to none and whatever was trying to defeat you was itself defeated. Hold onto those feelings and draw from them when you need a cheerleader.

So what needs your attention in times of change?Don’t try to do everything at once or be all things to all people ALL of the time, sometimes you just need to affect small change (make it all count) for yourself first because there will be times when things will happen that you have no control over.

What is the end goal in your immediate minds eye or long term? How do you desire to feel?

  • To feel more focused
  • Regularly taking you out of your comfort zone
  • To feel more happier and content
  • Achieving something more meaningful
  • Developing more meaningful relationships
  • Feel more organised
  • Feeling a sense of accomplishment
  • A fresh sense of purpose

Whatever your reasons, even if you have wobbly moments and it all feels more like disruption, flip those feelings on it’s head, shift your mindset and feel empowered in knowing that in pursuit of change, you will flourish.

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself


Bullet journaling – helps to organise in one place, one book, helping you to keep track of everything and prioritise what’s important (your commitment to drink more water, make those calls, write those letters, declutter your inbox, the list goes on..) more effectively. You can also document other things like how you’ve felt along the way. So it’s a good way to monitor your mental wellbeing allowing you some reflection after reaching your milestones. Use it in a way that suits you or, find something else you like more.

List your goals

Moods boards- are more visual for 📌 the big goals, the big dreams and desires. It’s a creative, process. The visuals are inspirational and grounding that can help to motivate you (keeping in mind that these goals can and will change with time) and keep you going.

Dream building: pics and magazine cuttings..

Setting a timer on your phone at regular intervals throughout the day helps to bring your attention to where it needs to be, the here and now and give you a feeling of being more in control and you can make space and time for the things that matter in a given day .

❤️ Congratulate yourself for sticking with your commitment to make the changes. Try to remember not to beat yourself up when you do have a bad day. We all have bad days. You need to allow yourself days when they come, just let them go. It’s important to approach with a balanced view of yourself without judging yourself too harshly or overthinking things too much.

  • Just be flexible and focus not on what you didn’t or couldn’t do but on all the things you did.
  • Keep working towards the bigger picture.
  • Always find pleasure in the little things.

And remember, “There is always always always something to be grateful for”.

Keep on Thriving ❤️

Nothing Compares to you.. Sinead O’Connor


I thought I would share this beautiful rendition of Sinead O’Connors beautiful song. It has been BSL interpreted by Jacqui Beckford. The emotional expressions.. I found it to be so moving, so beautiful. Not the most uplifting song but beautiful none the less. Life is full of ups and downs. We celebrate the ups but the downs exist in unison causing us huge sadness which unfortunately we can’t escape or ignore So we honour our pain and we continue, continue to celebrate what is good, count those blessings, keep putting up with one another in love and pray for the healing of those who are suffering and may the same blessings return to us. Peace Love and Healing x. ❤️

I Give Myself Permission…..

Self-care is giving yourself permission to feel, to think and do whatever your soul needs.
Give yourself permission to eat well and nourish your body.

Permission to Feel..

Feel frustrated about the current situation. Feel upset, confused, anxiety, fatigued and the loss you’ve experienced (during these unprecedented times). Feel all the uncertainty of not knowing what comes next and how scared that may make you feel at times.

Give yourself permission to Laugh too.

It releases Endorphins: The chemicals produced by the body to release stress and trigger a positive feeling in the body.
Permission to pause and breathe. Be mindful of the potential to create memorable moments in your days.. to see the blessings in the curse.
Indulge yourself in the simple pleasures
Permission to rest. Have a Early night 💤

Talk to yourself like someone you love

Brene Brown

Happy Tuesday!

Hi, Just checking in. How are you feeling today?

I’m Sending L❤️ve to all who may be struggling.. The struggle is real so It’s ok if you can’t handle much today..

If life feels hard, don’t be hard on yourself. Remember: This too will pass.

So don’t give up ..

Celebrate ALL the small victories too !!. Reach out for support if you need it. Stay safe and keep well x

Pandemic Exhaustion

Living under the continued threat of COVID-19 can begin to wear you down.
Is this true for you?

Around the globe the affects of this pandemic has impacted the lives of people in ways they never even contemplated and we have had to adapt to new ways of living as this virus has taken a hold of our society. We are approaching a year soon. Having to play our individual role in trying to protect ourselves, our families and others, in many cases is taking its toll leaving us feeling exhausted. Not knowing how long we will be fighting this, trying to keep up with all the changes, vaccines, lockdowns, deciphering fact from fiction and daily news reports have made it easier to feel demotivated, hopeless and fatigued as the days roll by.

If you are feeling these effects, don’t worry, you are not alone
It’s a natural response people feel to the prolonged uncertainty and the disruption caused by a pandemic and it affects. We are all different and
we may find we are experiencing some or all of the following:
Feeling irriatable
Lacking concentration
Feeling hopeless and lacking motivation
Your sleep and eating habits changed
Feeling stressed
over the littlest things that you normally would manage well.

Whist this type of exhaustion or fatigue is not a medical illness, it can be a threat to our and others safety as the Motivation to keep following the safety guidelines can dwindle to the degree that we get more complacent about the virus, letting our guards down even though it is spreading and taking lives. With the continued sporadic lockdowns, seeking your freedom could be putting yourself and others at risk.
During such stressful times, when feelings of discouragement and hopelessness continue to wear us down, seek out encouragement. Find it wherever it exists!
In staying connected with friends and family through the online platforms that support video chats (zoom, face Time, whatsApp video calling, etc). We should make that call or send that text. Sending letters is a dying art these days but it has its benefits for both the writer and the recipient. By reaching out to friends and family we can swap ideas on what has helped each other to cope, put a smile on each other’s face and just a general chit chat that can make the world of difference.
Some people find solace in the pages of the bible…
(Isaiah 41:13, Philippians 4:6-7, 1Peter 5:7)
Here are some other suggestions of the things that can be done to bring us joy and help to take the focus off our worries for a while. By breaking up our days, we can try to build a regular routine of these suggestions every week
It’s worth a try…
1. When was the last time we tried a new hobby or project, like a course, learning something new?
By immersing ourselves into something new or doing something creative we are setting aside time to focus elsewhere. We thrive when we have a routine, when we have direction and when the days feel less uncertain. Our days have been restricted to a some degree, so building new routines helps us get through them.
2. Build exercise into your days or weeks. This may consist of a brisk stroll to clear your head (whilst getting fresh air) or to break up the amount of time sitting watching Neflix… 😉 If working from home, take comfort breaks to stretch legs for the circulation and rest eyes from constantly peering in front of a computer screen. Find a time that’s most suitable.
3. Read a new or unfinished book.
4. Create a playlist of all your favourite (cheerful songs) and enjoy them regularly!
5. Make a list of all the joys in your life and keep adding to them.
Eat Well.
We should Consciously keep trying to boost our immune systems, to stay healthy. Hydration is important as the central heating on more often this time of year and can be very dehydrating. Eat healthy food. Doing these things appreciatively for all the benefits to our bodies and the feel good factor in knowing we are choosing to do this for ourselves is a boost on its own
“Everything can be taken from us but one thing: the freedom to choose our attitude in any given set of circumstances”.

Stay Positive! Keep Well, protect yourself & others, keep thriving ❤️

Thriving Through it

Even in the smallest ways it can be a challenge not to become overwhelmed by a situation and loose all hope. We have to keep pushing through one small step at a time. Your pace not mine seeing the light at the end of the tunnel even if it feels far in the distance, just know within yourself that it’s there and think not about giving up but about showing up at the finish with nothing but a smile knowing that somewhere along that journey you grew stronger.

Sometimes the courage to just put one foot in front of the other, day by day is the bravest thing you can do because it’s the hardest thing to do and even if you can’t see it or don’t feel it now, you will be glad you did…

Because sometimes it’s through our darkest times that we emerge greater in service, in gratitude with empathy and appreciation of things that excel in value that maybe we failed to see and feel before and our lives can take on a whole new meaning.

Love ❤️

Not everything is in our control, so what do you do?


You Work with it, that’s what you do. You work around it, over it, under it until things change. Hard as it may be, try not to succumb to fear and be paralysed by it. This makes you feel defeated and takes you into sad mode. Hold onto you with hope and positivity. Seek it when it feels depleted. This is your own unique journey and you have scope to implement what your soul needs. Embrace the opportunities to do you just that and work it!

One Love ❤️ Stay safe, Stay Nourished💋


envisioning & implementing life's next stage

The 3H:health,happiness,healing

Every life is unique ❤️


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