21 Days: Mental Wellness

21 Daily Actions to look after ourselves through these uncertain days. As we face this global pandemic together let’s try to maintain positive wellbeing.

Here we are again facing potential changes as we read and hear reports of the rate of infection from COVID-19 on the rise.

At the back of our minds as we approach the winter flu season, it feels like Deja vu, almost a given that we will be going back into some kind of lockdown situation but this time it feels different. Why?
Well for a start we have the benefit of hindsight, we know what lockdown feels like, tastes like, looks like oh yes, the highs and the LOWS.

Subsequent to our first experience where we were navigating through the unknown, the trajectory was being led by the powers that be and we lost control of our freedoms, some more than others.

This time, we are heading into the colder, darker days/months and somehow, it just feels, well should I say in comparison (if Its possible to compare an unprecedented situation) a complete different ball game one that at the moment may feel harder to play.

Don’t get me wrong, whilst the winter months are beautiful in their own right the rich colour palette, cozy nights in, lounge wear, warm fires, blankets and hot drinks; without the freedom to choose where we can go and who we can physically spend time with, changes the dynamics somewhat so much so that nothing feels the same.

Feelings of loneliness, boredom and isolation. Feeling stressed about work and or finances or living with an existing mental health condition(s), this could be an even more challenging time. So now more than ever we need to be kind to ourselves and each other.

Share what we are feeling and be willing to seek the help and support needed.
It’s ok not to feel ok and there are loads of agencies out there to help.

We should also try to cultivate hope and resilience. Tell ourselves hopeful things like: “This is tough, but I can get through it” and then each day for the next 21 days do each of the following :

  1. Run a nice long scented bath- candles, music. Create an atmosphere
  2. Call a loved one- tell them something to boost their day.
  3. Take a walk in the crisp fresh air. Look up to the skies, say thank you.
  4. Text 5 people and send them an encouraging message
  5. Eat well, keep you immune system strong.
  6. Wake up 30 mins early, do some stretch exercises to energise
  7. Meditate or pray
  8. Journal 5 things you are grateful for
  9. Make a plan to meet up with a friend(s) for a coffee or lunch/dinner
  10. Do 1 thing you keep putting off
  11. unsubscribe unnecessary emails
  12. declutter a room
  13. Send a letter to someone you can’t be with
  14. UNPLUG- no social media day.. can you do it?
  15. List your short term goals and take 1 small step towards one of them.
  16. Slow down, stop! Practice sitting still for 5 minutes and breathe: inhale, exhale slowly.
  17. Play you favourite tunes and dance, dance, dance!
  18. Bake
  19. Get rid of 5 things you don’t use anymore.
  20. Immerse yourself in a new book, Tv show or podcast.
  21. Have an Early night!

    Pace yourself, there are no hard and fast rules, carry over to the next month, the ball is in your court.

For ours and each others safety we follow the guidelines. We each do our bit in containing the spread of this unseen that is ravaging our very existence.

Hang on in there! Keep safe and Keep well. 💋

“It’s all about overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”






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