Happy Tuesday!

Hi, Just checking in. How are you feeling today?

I’m Sending L❤️ve to all who may be struggling.. The struggle is real so It’s ok if you can’t handle much today..

If life feels hard, don’t be hard on yourself. Remember: This too will pass.

So don’t give up ..

Check in on yourself how you are feeling? Acknowledging how you actually feel allows you a mindful moment to yourself to see yourself as you are today. Ask yourself what do I need to do today to feel a little better? Then try to do it.

Sleep is so important for growth and repair and 8 hours minimum is the recommendation so try to have an early night one or twice a week. Allow your bodies to do it does whilst we sleep : getting rid of toxins, repairs cells, revives energy and releases molecules like hormones and proteins. Try a warm bath before hand and lie there in the warm soothing water and just breathe in and out for a few minutes eyes closed and maybe a few candles to create a relaxing subdued atmosphere. Camomile tea to relax you, reading a few pages from a neglected book then maybe a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow.

If you need to connect with someone to have a chat or to gain some perspective on life make that call, send that text. Try to reach out for some support it just be the distraction you need. Sometimes you might have to muster up some courage because this doesn’t come easy for everyone. So even in spite of a degree of fear be brave.

A routine of exercise even if it’s twice a week.. is like a miracle in itself how it feeds positive wellness. Fresh air and clearing you head with a walk listening to the sounds of nature or your fav tunes is a must. Go on try it even for 20 mins..

Reframing your perspective finding micro moments to be thankful throughout the day:

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