TURNING POINT: Your Desire to Change must be Greater than your Desire to stay the same..

You just have to keep wanting it more than you don’t and to be honest, sometimes finding both the motivation and the energy can be a chore in itself. Sometimes we wait until we are hitting rock bottom before we make the needed changes our lives are screaming out for. Other times our moods can feel a little out of sync and we all have those days, weeks and months even when we feel unsure of the best ways forward. I’m sure this happens on every level, whenever you’re in the sea of change. All that could be required is just to tread water until it feels calmer and your approach picks up momentum with more clarity and energy. Maybe it’s a pep talk you need to give yourself, re-read one of your inspirational books or even thinking about the feeling you’d get after doing something. However you get your mojo back, whatever helps to keep putting one foot in front of the other and finding your flow, keep it as your go to antidote in times of need.

A fresh sense of purpose

Have you ever been so tired, energy and motivation at a low and somehow you push yourself even drag yourself with an internal kicking and screaming and do it any way.. The enormous sense of achievement, satisfaction and victorious feelings are just second to none and whatever was trying to defeat you was itself defeated. Hold onto those feelings and draw from them when you need a cheerleader.

So what needs your attention in times of change?Don’t try to do everything at once or be all things to all people ALL of the time, sometimes you just need to affect small change (make it all count) for yourself first because there will be times when things will happen that you have no control over.

What is the end goal in your immediate minds eye or long term? How do you desire to feel?

  • To feel more focused
  • Regularly taking you out of your comfort zone
  • To feel more happier and content
  • Achieving something more meaningful
  • Developing more meaningful relationships
  • Feel more organised
  • Feeling a sense of accomplishment
  • A fresh sense of purpose

Whatever your reasons, even if you have wobbly moments and it all feels more like disruption, flip those feelings on it’s head, shift your mindset and feel empowered in knowing that in pursuit of change, you will flourish.

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself


Bullet journaling – helps to organise in one place, one book, helping you to keep track of everything and prioritise what’s important (your commitment to drink more water, make those calls, write those letters, declutter your inbox, the list goes on..) more effectively. You can also document other things like how you’ve felt along the way. So it’s a good way to monitor your mental wellbeing allowing you some reflection after reaching your milestones. Use it in a way that suits you or, find something else you like more.

List your goals

Mood boards- are more visual for 📌 the big goals, the big dreams and desires. It’s a creative, process. The visuals are inspirational and grounding that can help to motivate you (keeping in mind that these goals can and will change with time) and keep you going.

Dream building: pics and magazine cuttings..

Setting a timer on your phone at regular intervals throughout the day helps to bring your attention to where it needs to be, the here and now and give you a feeling of being more in control and you can make space and time for the things that matter in a given day .

❤️ Congratulate yourself for sticking with your commitment to make the changes. Try to remember not to beat yourself up when you do have a bad day. We all have bad days. You need to allow yourself days when they come, just let them go. It’s important to approach with a balanced view of yourself without judging yourself too harshly or overthinking things too much.

  • Just be flexible and focus not on what you didn’t or couldn’t do but on all the things you did.
  • Keep working towards the bigger picture.
  • Always find pleasure in the little things.

And remember, “There is always always always something to be grateful for”.

Keep on Thriving ❤️

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