TURNING POINT: Your Desire to Change must be Greater than your Desire to stay the same..

You just have to keep wanting it more than you don’t and to be honest, sometimes finding both the motivation and the energy can be a chore in itself. Sometimes we wait until we are hitting rock bottom before we make the needed changes our lives are screaming out for. Other times our moods canContinue reading “TURNING POINT: Your Desire to Change must be Greater than your Desire to stay the same..”

Nothing Compares to you.. Sinead O’Connor

youtu.be/70AmTfgN4nc I thought I would share this beautiful rendition of Sinead O’Connors beautiful song. It has been BSL interpreted by Jacqui Beckford. The emotional expressions.. I found it to be so moving, so beautiful. Not the most uplifting song but beautiful none the less. Life is full of ups and downs. We celebrate the upsContinue reading “Nothing Compares to you.. Sinead O’Connor”

I Give Myself Permission…..

Permission to Feel.. Feel frustrated about the current situation. Feel upset, confused, anxiety, fatigued and the loss you’ve experienced (during these unprecedented times). Feel all the uncertainty of not knowing what comes next and how scared that may make you feel at times. Give yourself permission to Laugh too. Talk to yourself like someone youContinue reading “I Give Myself Permission…..”

Happy Tuesday!

Hi, Just checking in. How are you feeling today? I’m Sending L❤️ve to all who may be struggling.. The struggle is real so It’s ok if you can’t handle much today.. If life feels hard, don’t be hard on yourself. Remember: This too will pass. So don’t give up .. Celebrate ALL the small victoriesContinue reading “Happy Tuesday!”

Pandemic Exhaustion

Around the globe the affects of this pandemic has impacted the lives of people in ways they never even contemplated and we have had to adapt to new ways of living as this virus has taken a hold of our society. We are approaching a year soon. Having to play our individual role in tryingContinue reading “Pandemic Exhaustion”

Thriving Through it

Sometimes the courage to just put one foot in front of the other, day by day is the bravest thing you can do because it’s the hardest thing to do and even if you can’t see it or don’t feel it now, you will be glad you did… Because sometimes it’s through our darkest timesContinue reading “Thriving Through it”

Not everything is in our control, so what do you do?

You Work with it, that’s what you do. You work around it, over it, under it until things change. Hard as it may be, try not to succumb to fear and be paralysed by it. This makes you feel defeated and takes you into sad mode. Hold onto you with hope and positivity. Seek itContinue reading “Not everything is in our control, so what do you do?”


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