Note to Self: Do what your soul loves…

What things do you do that helps your soul to thrive?

Whatever it is, if it works for you, Just keep on doing it!

Whether it be a specific exercise (like Pilates, yoga, tai chi for instance) sport or dance…

Keep it moving. We all know exercise is good for you. Releasing the happy hormones, endorphins. Beneficial in helping you to stay fit and improves your mood. The simple act of stretching is under-rated. So find what likes you and then love it right back.


Being drawn to nature when we need to heal is a must-do indulgement. Gardening is therapeutic, takes you outside and gives you a feeling of peace and at one with nature. You can also get some much needed fresh air and quiet time. Just you and your thoughts.


Food intake is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Food contributes to how we feel about ourselves so, eat to nourish yourself and keep it as fresh and as natural as you can incorporating all the food groups whenever possible to find your natural balance.


To journal or not to journal? Journaling is so useful and enhances your wellbeing in every level. Therapy writing things down is like offloading and can help to put things into some perspective and develop more self awareness.

Listening to your favourite music

Listening to your fav music.. can be quite relaxing and lowers stress levels and can help you feel more optimistic so choose well and sing along like you’re a pop ⭐️

Go for a walk

Read a book



Listen to your body and if needs be, push the ‘pause’ or the ‘reset button’ just so we can help our bodies to function better. check in to see how you are feeling. Being too busy or chaotic drowns out the internal messages our bodies are trying to give us. Whether it’s a headache or some other niggling pain, our system is trying to tell us we need to nourish. So we owe it to ourselves to pay attention. Make an effort, take some time whilst you have it to find things that make you feel more alive. During this COVID-19 pandemic we have had time allotted to us that we may not have easily chosen for ourselves. That being the case, wherever possible make the most of it without making yourself feel bad.

“Giving yourself permission to care for yourself”


Life is a series of transitions, and so is the retirement journey.

The 3H:health,happiness,healing

Every life is unique ❤️


Make time to replenish - Your Mind, Body & Soul Needs it!

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