How to thrive and feel alive

Right now there is so much to be thankful for.

When you look all around you, you will see evidence everyday, reasons to show gratitude and as you try to navigate around the barrage of negative stimuli and the stressful situations that arise from this pandemic we are finding ourselves in, information overload is an understatement.

The fabric of our society has changed in ways 6 months prior we could never fathom. As we find ourselves ‘living new norms’, people are spending far more time at home and sharing more time with their choicest and closest family and friends. Some on the other hand have not been able to.

Shielding and lockdowns, zoom and teams, TikTok, Netflix, mobile phones and TVs have dominated our worlds in unprecedented ways not to mention home schooling and exam results, It’s been relentless, exhausting, a challenge to say the least just to cope with it all; stay on top of it all and keep a calm head.

So what have you been doing to cope with it all and find some kind of piece of mind?
Through the Furloughs, redundancies, companies folding, people trying to get away from it all, the masks and rule changes day by day; week by week…


Believe it or not, this is true.

In spite of it all, it has been so important for our wellbeing to make more than the usual effort to focus and find what is good in your lives whenever we can.

Imperative to take ‘Intentional moments out’ for self care and self compassion.

Our feel-good hormones don’t have to be socially distanced from us, so activate them and feel your spirits lifted. Start your day this way: by giving thanks for all the good things. They are there, sometimes you just have to look a little harder to find them. Preempt those that will present themselves each day. This is a sure starter and sets the day up in a positive way.

Feed your Mind, Body and Soul with the things that will Love you back. This is nourishment.

Honour your ME time to reflect in gratitude what makes you feel good you can then radiate that out to others…

Go on, try it, trust me it works!


Life is a series of transitions, and so is the retirement journey.

The 3H:health,happiness,healing

Every life is unique ❤️


Make time to replenish - Your Mind, Body & Soul Needs it!

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