How COVID helped me rediscover my Garden 🌼

Intricate beauty in a simple rose

Its been a blast! For years I’ve been convinced I couldn’t grow anything in my garden and I never did. Despite having a south facing garden where we can enjoy wall to wall sunshine for most of the day, I didn’t fully appreciate that even the shady part of the garden, which is the only area I can plant can yield so much beauty.

My brother, took the time to show me how to prep the earth which at the time was parched had not had any human contact, except to extract some weeds now and again. The only action that plot had seen was the wildlife in the garden, cats and foxes fouling it and it bared nothing but weeds. It had not been given much more attention for far too long, so it was actually a privilege to get stuck in.

Lockdown somehow changed that, I’m glad to say. Having to remain in the confines of one’s home more or less was the beginning and then being able to meet up outside.

I was still going out to work which in some ways was quite helpful just being ‘in the land of the living’ seeing reality outside, survival as it were was very helpful. When I got home from work it was like offloading the stress of the times in which we found ourselves. Who knew you could get so much from getting your hands dirty in the garden.

I had purchased a green hebe shrub that was sitting in its pot for more than long enough and I was itching to plant it but sometimes with some things you just need that little helping hand to get you started. So when that help came, grateful doesn’t even cut it 😌

My Brother popped by and we sat in the garden, having a chat about, you guessed, COVID. That was the topic on everyone’s lips so it was almost like we were both distressing, offloading to each other then into the earth.

Love him, he didn’t take much persuasion, he was more than happy to roll his sleeves up and get to work preparing the soil.

I of course, helped and boy, how satisfying it was to get stuck in and see the end result. The soil looked beautiful, rich dark soil ready for planting, I was excited.

Who knew the immense gratification you get from doing work like that, it was exhilarating and eventually we planted my shrub. I can still recall the feeling of seeing it in its new home in my garden for the first time. 💪🏾

That was it, I was hooked, I began an almost obsessive ritual of ‘garden time’ because my lovely bro gave me this advice before he left, he said “ sis, make sure you try make time for yourself and get out in the garden at least a couple times a week it will be good for your mental health”. Oh, how true those words were and still are.

I did make that time. It was life giving and I responded to life’s stresses better because doing it brought me immense pleasure.

Gardening is a therapy. The act of working the soil, watering, weeding and planting. It’s giving back to nature and nature repays your efforts, becomes the gift that just keeps on giving. What more can you ask for.

The internal peace, connection to nature, witnessing how organic and abundantly rich in potential our beautiful planet earth is. You feel gratitude and a sense of oneness with an infinite and higher power as you turn over the thoughts in your mind you feel a sense of being renewed within.

Go on, try it, be amazed, expose yourself to it.

Find beauty in the seasons. You will attract a habitat for bees to fulfil their role in the eco system, butterflies, bugs and other wildlife can coexist and you are eyewitnesses to some of the things we take for granted.

You also benefit from the vitamin D from the rays of the sun.

In so many ways you naturally feed your soul.

Roses, Clematis, Akebea, sunflowers and lilies. The garden can constantly evolve as a place of comfort, safety, inspiration and excitement. Go on try it. If without a garden, a window box or just nurture something in a pot. Enjoy 💕


Life is a series of transitions, and so is the retirement journey.

The 3H:health,happiness,healing

Every life is unique ❤️


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