There has never been a more important time to improve both your physical health and mental wellbeing.

Sometimes we just need to be inspired. Nothing too complexed, just simple steps to feeling happier, more contented and hopeful for the future. There is so much uncertainty right now and in contrast, so much to be thankful for, but..
Living through this pandemic is as though our previous lives as we knew it have been thrown up in the air and evolved into something else without any warning.

So now we find ourselves adapting to ‘new norms’ and navigating the changes as they are thrust upon us presenting its own challenge of simply trying to keep up with it all.

So for me, keeping a level head, eating well (to maintain a good strong immune system), making time for laughter and exercise is the name of the game. So creating conditions where you can at least feel good in spite of all the chaos gives you the perfect excuse to gain a sense of peace and control in a world that now seemingly, feels so out of it.

Im sharing this because I have an itch I need to scratch and whenever I try something that works, I don’t want to keep it to myself. I also think by helping other people, you also help yourself. So, partake. Hold onto what works, leave the rest…

Find your balance, Mind, body and soul and remember:

“There is more happiness in giving…”

Acts 20:35

Life is a series of transitions, and so is the retirement journey.

The 3H:health,happiness,healing

Every life is unique ❤️


Make time to replenish - Your Mind, Body & Soul Needs it!

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Make time to replenish - Your Mind, Body & Soul Needs it!

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